Why sell with us

How it works? It’s as easy as ABC!

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Why sell with us?


  • We are the first black-owned African/ Afro-Caribbean multi-vendor business in the UK catering for premium products. You can be part of this amazing process right from the start.
  • High demand for African/ Afro-Caribbean created / themed products: there is a high demand for black owned businesses in today’s current economic climate
  • Great marketing: With TV, Press and Facebook adverts campaigns we reach a wider audience at no cost to you. This increases sales and builds your brand.
  • Handpicked vetting process: we only work with great partners and we guarantee that people keep coming back as each item is unique and special. You also have less competition. 
  • Free professional photography: To keep the standard of photographs high, we provide a professional photographer to take pictures of your products so you can be sure they are seen in the best light. 

What you get in return?

  • Easy ordering and administrative system, 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Continuous support, our teams of experts are here for you with advice on anything from product design to taxes!
  • Selling freedom, we have various selling methods available for you to choose from.

What type of partners do we look for?

  • All our partners are African or Caribbean independent business owners.
  • You must be able to fulfil orders consistently; we look for partners who can deliver what they say they will.
  • Your products must be unique and well branded. We can help with this (for free) if you are just starting out.

What does it cost? 

  • Free professional photography for your products (Worth £150)
  • Low commission on sales: 7%
  • No Listing fees
  • No product limits
  • Registration fee; Free for a Limited time - you must pass the application process to be able to register on our site. 

What you can sell?

Anything! Anything from Clothes to Jewellery to unique gifts can be sold on Ebony Street Market.

Application process timeline

It can take up to  7 working days to approve your application. This is because we handpick our partners and we will take the time to review your products for our marketplace. To speed this process up please include a link to your website/ social media pages to ensure that the application review is quick and easy.  

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